Children's Health Specialties

Pediatric Weight Management

Being overweight affects more than just how well your jeans fit. Extra weight directly affects your health and your ability to be active. Obesity leads to a long list of life-threatening conditions, such as

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Many types of cancer
  • High blood lipids

Children and families can participate in Beaumont Children's Hospital programs designed to improve lifelong health. Psychologists, dietitians and exercise physiologists use fun activities to keep children motivated and offer strategies that will benefit the entire family.

  • Beaumont Children's Hospital's pediatric weight management program, the Beaumont Healthy Kids Program, helps children and families adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • The Beaumont Healthy Kids Program teaches children and their parents how to improve their health with nutrition, exercise and behavior changes. This 12-session pediatric weight management program takes a family approach to living a healthy lifestyle and is intended for children ages 3 to 18.

Beaumont Healthy Kids Program Information Packet

Upon review of the informational packet and completion of the new patient forms and physician referral found at the back of the packet, call 248-655-5900 to schedule your child's first appointment. Feel free to call the same number if you have general questions regarding the program.