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Press Conference - Dr. Jeffrey Maisels

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A press conference was held Thursday, September 24, 2009 in the Children's Miracle Network Garden announcing the successful launch of the Beaumont Children's Hospital Legal Aid for Children program.

Dr. Jeffrey Maisels, Physician in Chief, Beaumont Children's Hospital, talks about the formation of the new Pediatric Legal Aid Program.

The program brings together health care professionals and lawyers to ensure children's basic needs for food, housing, education, health care and safety are met. Not all health issues are medical as Karen Luther, senior corporate counsel in Legal Affairs at Beaumont points out, "Families shouldn't have to choose between buying medicine for their children or paying the heating bill or buying groceries." 

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Dr. Mary Smyth, Chief, Ambulatory Pediatrics and Physician Champion for Legal Aid for Children

Michele-Hall Edwards, Deputy Chief Civil Law Group, Legal Aid and  Defender Association

Karen Luther, Beaumont Legal Affairs


To receive services, you must complete a referral form
with Medical Social Work at Beaumont Hospital.

Please call 248.898.7595 for more information.