Children's Health Specialties

Legal Aid for Children

Providing legal services to children and their families

Legal Aid for Children (LAC) is an on-site legal assistance program at Beaumont Children's Hospital, designed to improve the health and welfare of low-income children and their families. LAC provides free legal assistance to help address the underlying causes of poor health among children. Legal services are provided by Legal Aid for Children directly through the Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc.

To receive services, you must complete a referral form with Medical Social Work at Beaumont Hospital.
Please call 248-898-7595 for more information.

You may be eligible if you are:

  • a current pediatric inpatient at Beaumont Children's Hospital
  • a current patient of a pediatric clinic at Beaumont Children's Hospital
  • a household family member of a current pediatric inpatient or clinic patient at Beaumont
  • a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

We handle a variety of legal issues that affect your child's health. The level of service provided may depend on the type of issue presented. Issues handled include, but are not limited to:

  • Income support: Social Security, SSI, State Disability Assistance, Department of Human Services,
    unemployment issues
  • Health insurance: Medicaid, state health insurance programs, private insurance programs
  • Education: Special education, early intervention, school expulsions and suspensions
  • Family law: Domestic violence, restraining orders/personal protections orders, child support,guardianship
  • Housing: Foreclosures, landlord/tenant issues, public housing, Section 8, eviction issues, lead paint abatement
  • Consumer: auto defects, auto repossession, credit card defaults, garnishments

Download the program brochure (available in English and Spanish)

English (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

*Please be advised that any and all information provided to LAC staff is confidential and will not be released without a request from you and legal services are free, but some cases may require court filing fees or other case-related costs.*

If you have any questions concerning the handling of your case, please call Legal Aid for Children at 248-551-0692.

Legal Aid for Children is a collaboration between Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc. and Beaumont Health System.

The project is made possible through philanthropic donations.