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Ted Lindsay Foundation HOPE Center - Childhood Behavioral Interventions

Ted Lindsay Foundation HOPE Center Overview

The Center for Human Development's Ted Lindsay Foundation HOPE Center provides Hands-On Parent Education (HOPE) to families of children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders.

In the past, there were few scientifically-supported childhood development disorder treatments to offer families, but now there is hope. Research demonstrates that intensive behavioral intervention can dramatically change the lives of children with autism and other developmental disorders. Techniques from the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) effectively teach children to communicate, play appropriately and interact with others. The center uses a family-focused approach, stressing partnerships between Beaumont Children's Hospital behavioral intervention specialists and parents. We offer a wide variety of services to families, as outlined below.

Behavioral Interventions for Preschoolers

Our center offers several behavioral intervention programs for children and families, each of which incorporates hands-on parent education. One such program is CARE: Children with Autism Reaching Excellence.

Behavioral Intervention Consultation

The Ted Lindsay Foundation HOPE Center at Beaumont Children's Hospital provides individual consultation from psychologists with expertise in applied behavior analysis, many of whom are Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Families meet individually with our psychologists on a regular basis provide behavioral interventions for children. Consultants can also work with local school districts to help with educational planning and/or behavior management in class.

Toilet Learning Clinic

The Toilet Learning Clinic is designed to teach children with autism or other developmental disorders to use the toilet. At TLC, behavioral psychologists work individually with families during a 7-hour, concentrated program, using an evidence-based, behavior-analytic approach.

Programs for Parents

The center offers programs for parents who want more information about using behavioral interventions for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

ABCs of ABA: This 2-day introductory weekend workshop teaches the basics of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and is offered throughout the year at no cost to families. There is a small fee for interested professionals.  The ABCs of ABA is required for families prior to enrollment in the GIFT of Hope and CARE programs.

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