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Teen Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders in Teenagers

Teen Eating Disorder Treatment

Teen eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia, require a team-centered approach to treatment that includes a number of adolescent health specialists, physicians, psychologists, social workers and nurse practitioners to guide your child and your family back to health. Additionally, including parents in a significant way in the recovery process hastens medical stabilization and weight restoration and may enhance long-term recovery.

Hough Center for Adolescent Health at Beaumont

At Beaumont Children's Hospital, we provide a complete spectrum of teen eating disorder treatment options. Our experienced, caring interdisciplinary team includes:

  • a fellowship trained physician who is board certified in adolescent medicine and has great depth of experience in treating eating disorders
  • a pediatric social worker
  • psychotherapists
  • nurse practitioners trained in pediatrics and psychiatry
  • dietitians to provide nutrition recommendations and overcome barriers to implement them

The Hough Center for Adolescent Health uses a collaborative, "no blame" approach based on the Maudsley program that involves you and your child, providing you with techniques to navigate the daily recovery process. Each adolescent is encouraged and empowered to take an active role in his or her recovery.

Our teen eating disorder treatment programs include an intensive, weekend treatment program and a weekly outpatient group for adolescents and their parents. These programs are designed to support the nutritional and emotional recovery of the adolescent, often without the need for hospitalization or residential treatment.

Services for Every Family

Other teen eating disorder recovery services provided at the Hough Center include:

  • initial comprehensive medical evaluation of adolescents up to 18 years
  • ongoing medical specialty management
  • therapy, family-based and individual
  • medication evaluation and treatment
  • collaboration with a team of providers (You may continue to see your current therapist/dietitian/psychiatrist.)
  • parent coaching: This eight-week therapy group designed to assist parents in using a family-based approach to treat their adolescent's eating disorder and support the parent in self-care through the process. The group is run by a doctorate level psychologist with eating disorder expertise. Advance registration isrequired. Fee.
  • adolescent skill-building group: This eight-week therapy group designed to empower high school and middle school-aged adolescents to take a pro-active role in their recovery by developing skills to improve communication and deal with restrictive eating, binging and purging behaviors. The group is run by a social worker with eating disorder and group therapy expertise. Advance registration is required. Fee.

Needs-based scholarships are available for Parent-Coaching and/or Adolescent Skill-Building Groups. Call 248-594-3142 for more information.

Did You Know?

Left untreated or undertreated, eating disorders in teenagers can lead to life-threatening health issues, including:

• malnutrition
• electrolyte disturbances
• interruption of menstrual function
• stunted growth
• low bone density, stress fractures
and osteoporosis
• low heart rate and other abnormal
heart rhythms